Café Ñucallacta – open all weekend

Both of our cafés are open this weekend, enjoy some of the best coffee and breakfast in town. We roast our coffee, bake our pastries and cook our meals from scratch and all in house. Enjoy the tranquil small-town vibe of our 2nd local on Av. Loja, plenty of green spaces and natural lighting, this local is wheelchair accessible. If you are in the city center you can stop by our Hermano Miguel shop, there may be a short delay for seating, but worth the wait.

This coming week at Café Ñucallacta – Av. Loja local we are hosting two fun community events. Of course we have our weekly Wednesday Language Exchange at 6:30 PM. The first part is structured with conversation driving questions and the second part becomes more social. Our second event is our monthly Friday Trivia Night at 7 PM. Six rounds of ten questions each challenging your knowledge of all worldly things. Sign up by yourself and we will match you with a team or bring your own group of up to four people. We leave you with our newsletter of past and future events. Follow us on social media @cuencasocialproject for more fun events.

Every day as of 9 AM,

Local 1: Av. Loja 2320 y J. B. Vasquez / Local 2: Hermano Miguel 562 y H. Vasquez

Rumi: 098 619 0490

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