Recommendation for Roosvelt Rojas, Rolfing massage

There are many reasons to want to go to a holistic therapy. And why is it holistic? Because holistic physicians and therapists incorporate things from all other walks of life into a coherent healing therapy.

I went to Roosvelt because he struck me as a guy who takes his profession seriously. I wasn’t wrong, but I also wasn’t expecting how much he enriched his practice with his personal life and path.

I received great benefits from having him as my general therapist, and I know I’m not the only one, you can see here:

So, I recommend him very highly. Give yourself the chance to improve your health and wellbeing.

Address: José Astudillo Regalado y Eduardo Crespo Malo edificio El Rocio, ground floor

Contact information: 098 162 6813

Recommended by Javier Vanegas:
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