Recommendation for Dr. Drew Pollack, acupuncture and cupping

I would like to wholeheartedly recommended Dr. Pollack for his Chinese medicine treatment, specifically acupuncture, cupping, and moxibustion. He is from the US and trained there, but he is fluent in both English and Spanish. His story, training, and experience are compelling, and he has a new office space and a very calming, assuring manner.

My specific need was involving my neck, in which I have had years of issues, and a previous cervical fusion. Over the past year I have had more pain, mobility restriction, and extension into my upper back and shoulder on one side, and often headaches especially in the evening. Massage therapy has helped, but only temporarily.

After two sessions, one week apart, I am amazed at the relief obtained, especially the powerful effect of the treatments. Yet the 90 minutes spent during the sessions were pleasant and relaxing. The only thing I can understand about my body, specifically my shoulder, neck, and head on that side, is that my body kicked into “inflammatory overdrive” first, then as that subsided, so did the almost constant pain. The past two weeks have been the most pain-free in the last year, and where I suddenly rarely thought about my neck issues. With the amount of walking that I do, I sometimes have hip and knee pain, but I’m waiting to see how my neck does and discuss those with Dr. Drew in the future. He specializes in musculoskeletal acupuncture, so if any of your ageing parts are limiting your lifestyle and activities, schedule an appointment right away!

I am including some reading about Dr. Drew, his experience, philosophy, training, and experience. I found these most encouraging as I made the decision to begin my treatments. And I am very happy that gave consideration to alternative Eastern medical treatment, rather than reflexively opting for testing, imaging, and medications (I worked as a healthcare provider in the US for over 30 years), or worse, self-medication.

I highly recommend Dr. Drew for acupuncture and associated modalities, as I have been extremely satisfied with the effects for my neck issue.


Contact information: +1 619 784 4224

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