Please help German Zhina

My good friend and facilitator, German Zhina, has accompanied me to numerous medical appointments to translate medical terminology accurately. He promptly fixed an electrical connection disrupting my oil heater on a chilly autumn day, programmed my cell phone, performed complex bank transactions, and shopped for groceries. Most recently, he orchestrated my move from Cuenca to a tiny village 25 minutes above Paute. He has become indispensable for me and many other expats for his professional support, attention to detail, and caring demeanor.

He has been a huge help to us, but now he needs our help. A fundraiser is scheduled for Thursday, March 9th, at 12:30 PM at Black Angus to help him retire medical expenses incurred due to a recent car accident.

Please give what you can.

I will happily donate a digital copy of any of my photographs featured in CHL to those who contribute.

Thank you,

Robert Bradley: .

City: Cuenca