FAAN capital campaign donor fund matching opportunity

A generous and anonymous donor is inspiring our community with a kick-start to FAAN’s (Fundacion Familia Amor Animal) capital campaign, saying he’ll double every dollar received through March 15th to build Ecuador’s first and most modern animal shelter.

Consider joining our “PAWS Benefactor Circle” this week with your gift of $100+ (Bronze) 500+ (Silver) + $1,000 + and watch your donation double for the dogs.

Our FAAN-attic volunteers will be happy to meet with you personally in Cuenca for coffee and take your PAWS circle benefactor photo. You can choose an easy donation payment method including cash, PayPal, FAAN’s Pichincha account, or a check or wire to our sister non-profit in the US for a charitable tax deduction.

If you reside, outside of Ecuador, we’d love to receive and share a picture of you and/or your pet supporting the new shelter because our community of animal lovers lives everywhere.

At FAAN, we believe all animals including those of pet owners, community dogs, and street dogs deserve to be respected and cared for by the collective community.

Will you join us and help us meet the match?

City: Cuenca

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