Puppies, Bruno, Macho and Bashar!

Written by rescuer:

The rescuer adopted the puppies’ mother from the coast. When she returned to the US for several months, the adopted doggie became pregnant. The mother dog consequently had 4 puppies. Which makes 9 dogs that must be attended to. One of the dogs is older and only has 3 legs. We are a little bit much for him and are currently seeking a new loving home for the three male puppies.

Puppies will need vet exam, worming, vaccination, flea meds. Required neuter at 6 months.

We live on a farm and so it would be excellent if we had a place to roam like at home. We are also accustomed to living inside and we are housebroken. We are 3 months old and were born on the 20th of November. We each have a sweet disposition and still like to chew on interesting things. We get along well with the cat that lives here and the chickens too. Please help us find a loving owner.

For a meet and greet please contact me.

Jo Austin: jomarieaustin99@gmail.com 099 535 7387. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca

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