Adult Pomsky

Hatchie is a large, super friendly, calm and loving Pomsky (Pomearian-Husky mix breed). He is a fabulous animal and is a wonderful companion for a single dog lover or affectionate playmate for the entire family.

His fur is red merle/white. He is 5-years old and weighs in the range of 50-75 lbs. When standing on his rear legs, arms on my shoulders, his height is about 5”7”.

Hatchie, when outdoors is leashed. He loves to run, jump onto rocks and tree stumps, and walk briskly several times per day. An owner-occupied house in the country or an owner-occupied large apartment in the city with a terrace or green space are both acceptable rehoming alternatives. Adoption by a family in Cuenca with its cooler temperatures is preferred since hot, humid temperatures on the coast are really unsuitable for Pomsky’s who have a thick heavy coat of fur.

Young adult Pomsky’s are seldom available for adoption, and may cost thousands of dollars when offered for adoption. Currently, no adult Pomsky’s are available through internet sources for adoption. We are offering Hatchie free of charge to a loving home. If you are looking to add to your dog friendly family, Hatchie is a very special animal. Although he is large and formidable looking, he is not a “watch” dog.

Relocation to the coast requires a speedy adoption.

John DeLeo: +593 98 835 5032. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

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