Recommendation for Roosvelt Javier Rojas Bravo, Thai Massage Rolfing Bodywork

If you are looking for a really excellent, highly trained, internationally experienced body worker who knows multiple modalities including Thai and Rolfing, I can highly recommend Roosvelt Javier Rojas Bravo in Cuenca. He and his wife are a team so you can have either individual attention or four-hands massage. His wife is a Physical Therapist.

After having five 90-minute sessions with Roosvelt I can honestly say I’m delighted to have found someone who is at the level of some of the best bodyworkers I experienced in the United States and Brazil. I recommend you give him a call if you have specific needs. Housecalls and office are both available. I am a professional bodyworker and healer myself with 23 years’ experience so I am probably even pickier than you are!

Roosvelt Rojas +593 98 162 6813

$50 per session, table and blankets provided.

Address: Edificio El Roció José Astudillo Regalado y Eduardo Crespo Malo consultorio 1/1,Cuenca, Ecuador, Cuenca, Ecuador 010107

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