Special Education Teacher with 20 years’ experience

I have taught students from the age of 5 years old to 22 years old. I am trained in strategies to assist students with disabilities that range from intellectual disabilities to emotional disabilities and from autism to ADHD. I charge nothing for my advice. My belief is that all children have a gift to give the world, and I have seen them. Sometimes it takes time to find the child’s uniqueness.

I would like to know if there are any special day schools for students that may need this type help. I would be willing to share my knowledge with any and all interested but I will need an English interpreter. Within just a few short, yet consistent lessons, you will witness changes in behavior.

Please let me know if and how I may help. It is nice being retired but I miss helping our students.

Mr. P

PS. I feel a good “Foundation” could be developed in Cuenca which could change many lives. The goal for our children, should be to lead them into gaining prevocational abilities and maintaining competitive employment?

Bryan Piggush: bryanpiggush@gmail.com