Pet sitting by Pet-me Vet (veterinarians Mateo and Elizabeth)

Hello, We are Dr. Mateo Ñauta Díaz and Elizabeth Gavilanes. We are pet lovers and have lots of recommendations about our service that you can read on GringoPost. Also, we are the winners of the “Best Pet Sitter” category on the Best of GringoPost 2022 and 2023. We are very proud of the wonderful team of pet sitters that we have, due to their great preparation and dedication to this job with almost 4 years of experience.

We care for your pets (dogs, cats or any pet) in your home, enabling your pets to remain in their familiar space without stress, and you will have a housesitting service as a bonus. We adapt to your needs and can do any extra job like water plants or everything you need to keep your house safe and your pets happy.

As veterinarians we understand perfectly all the requirements that a pet needs, it doesn’t matter if it’s a puppy or an old pet or if your pet has a special or medical condition.

Mateo is a veterinarian graduated from the University of Cuenca and Elizabeth will graduate in 6 months. Therefore, we are prepared to do that job and able to handle any special request or emergency.

In addition, we are happy to tell you that we have implemented the use of a video camera to be able to keep an eye on those cats that are extremely shy. This is in order to have a greater scope of their activity and verify any type of change in their behavior and health.

We would love to help you and answer any questions you have. Feel free to text or call us.

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Elizabeth Gavilanes
099 848 1355