Charles Schwab and ATM Fees

I used my Schwab card at the JEP ATM across the street and the screen showed a fee of .50 ctvo. My fault, I never look at the receipt. I used the machine twice more other days. When I looked at my Schwab online, it was not .50 ctvo, but $5 for each withdrawal.

This was the reason I stopped using Banco Pichincha. Their $5 ATM fee was integrated into the withdrawal, so Schwab refused to refund it.

Today, I went to Banco del Austro to withdraw money; it has always been free. The screen now shows there is a $4 fee and asks if you accept it. When prompted, I say no to printing a receipt.

I called Schwab to see if these fees are reimbursable since they do reimburse on a monthly schedule. I was told, only if the bank clearly identifies the fee separate from the withdrawal. The agent was able to see the full amount including the fee, but was not able to tell me if it will be distinguishable for Schwab to separate the two amounts. I won’t know until March when I check my online statement.

Ryan James: .

City: Bahía de Caráquez
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