The Hop Factory: Beer delivery service

If you can’t get to us, we get to you. Enjoy the best craft beer from Cuenca wherever you want.

Home deliveries, every Monday, Wednesday: from 3 to 6 PM and Thursdays, Friday, Saturday from 8 AM to noon.

Our available beers are:
American Amber Ale (6%) $3
Pale Ale (5.5%) $3
Jamaican Shandy (4.5%) $3.
Maracuyá (passion fruit) (4.5%) $3.
Lemon (4.5%) $3.

Remember, you can also visit us at the brewery every Thursday and Friday from 3 to 8 PM.

Friday only: at The Hop Factory get 2 for $5 (bourbon barrel not included)

We are right off the new Ciclovía.
Calle del Himno Nacional and De la Bandera Nacional were on Google maps (The Hop Factory)

Luis: 098 721 4499

City: Cuenca