Let’s make a beautiful bracelet next Saturday!

We’ll make a bracelet with flowers using beads and clasp. A nice little gift for yourself or your friend!

All people from the age of 11 are invited to the Casa de la Cultura Núcleo del Azuay.
The workshop will be taught in Spanish and English.

Saturday, February 25
2 to 5 PM
The price of $6 includes 3 hours and all materials.

Please reserve your spot via WhatsApp or email and let me know until Thursday evening, so I could save back the room for other people!

Many thanks for understanding!
I look forward to meeting you soon!

2 to 5 PM, $6,

Presidente Córdova 7-89 y Luis Cordero

Madyson: allimakiec@gmail.com 096 312 9138

City: Cuenca