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Hey Friends,

Its Oscar season again. Have you seen all of the best picture choices?
Well, you can see them on Gypsy TV.

Gypsy TV is continuing to expand our libraries of media content.
With over 2000 movies, 500+ TV shows and thousands of other choices, it’s easy to see why people are making the switch from high priced, limited selection services like Netflix or others.

Gypsy TV is only $7 per month with a year membership. You can watch all the best movies and TV shows from every other streaming service. And if you don’t see the show you are looking for, we can try to add it for our customers who sign up for our 1-year membership. (Requests are limited to availability and quality, we won’t add poor quality media)

Try Gypsy TV today. Just go to and follow the directions to sign up. All new members get a free 3-day trial.

Cuenca, Ecuador