Recommendation for Luigi Roman, painter

After reading recommendations on GringoPost for Luigi and his ad, I called him. We have some problem walls that continually bubble and have salt inside the walls. Luigi came, offered to fix and completed the work in a week. It wasn’t just a paint job, as he had to scrape, neutralize, wash, apply a salitre solution, then wash again, plaster the walls, sand them and finally paint. His price was right. He did a great job.

One thing about Luigi: although he speaks English and Spanish, he comes to work – not to waste time visiting with people. He was totally focused on the plan and helpfully discussed the project, accompanied me to buy the right kind of paint – and that resulted in a learning experience. The paint I wanted to apply was going to bubble up again. So, we chose something else.

His estimates of the quantity of paint and supplies needed were excellent and he brought his own tools, buckets, plastic sheet to protect surfaces. He painted quickly and efficiently and cleaned up after himself – which is saying something because of all the sanding he had to do to fix the walls so they could be painted. He also repaired some holes in the wall. He will be returning to continue painting in the near future.

Thanks, Luigi.

Address: Cuenca

Contact information: 099 387 7127

Recommended by Karen Kuenzel: