Biodegradable kitchen cleaning products at Gracie’s Naturals

Grease and dirt will no longer be your enemies.

1. EcoTerra Dishwash liquid is Biodegradable, takes care of your skin, contains compounds derived from plants, is an excellent remover of residues and grease.
*Citrus extract which is responsible for removing of food residues and grease.
*Coconut oil derivative which makes your hands keep softness.
*Chemical-free and environmentally friendly.
Price: $4.90/ 1 liter
Refill: $0.25/ 100g

2. EcoTerra Biodegradable Degreasing works magic.
*Biodegradable ingredients are carefully selected to make life more environmentally friendly.
*Contains a natural derivative called D-lemonene, which comes from citrus and it is able to dissolve grease and remove stains of various types.
*Being a multi-purpose cleaner. It can be used on all non-porous surfaces, such as kitchen counters, sinks, faucet, tiles, ceramics, even on textiles.
Price: $4.50/ 1 liter

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