Vacuum packaging machine

1. What is a food vacuum packaging machine?

Food vacuum packaging machine is a special machine that can put food into packaging bags. The machine will first extract the air from the bag. When the packaging bag reaches the vacuum level set by the machine, the sealing process is completed. In this way, the food will be completely and safely packaged.

Have you ever seen this machine in your life before? If you have not seen the machine in your life before, it is okay, because you must have seen the vacuum-packed food in your life everyday especially in a convenience store, shopping mall, airplane or even in a pharmacy.

In the food industry, vacuum packaging applications are very common. Such as various cooked products such as chicken legs, ham, sausages, grilled fish fillets, beef jerky, etc.; pickled products such as pickles; and soy products, preserved fruits, etc.

A variety of food products that require freshness are increasingly being vacuum-packed. Foods that have been vacuum-packed have a longer refreshing time and shelf life.

2. What are the characteristics of a food vacuum packaging machine?

There are two types food vacuum packaging machine for you to choose, including household types and commercial types.

The characteristics of household food vacuum packaging machine:
A household food vacuum packaging machine has great vacuuming performance. This machine is suitable for vacuum packing of many kinds of plastic bags and compound bags. The food that has been sealed by the packaging machine can be kept fresh at room temperature for an extended period of time. This can effectively prevent the food in the refrigerator from being smelly, spoiled, dehydrated and cracked.

A household food vacuum packaging machine has super vacuum function. This machine designed with digital control of heat-sealing time and overheating automatic protection alarm device that can seal all kinds of plastic bags with high degree of automation.

A household food vacuum packaging machine saves electricity with small size and light weight. They are highly portable with simple structure and it is convenient for you to use.

A household food vacuum packaging machine is widely used in your daily life, and now is more and more popular.

The characteristics of commercial food vacuum packaging machines:
After the food is put into the vacuum bag, the air in the bag is evacuated through the vacuum packaging machine.

When a certain degree of vacuum is reached in the packaging bag, the sealing process will be completed. Of course, the characteristics of vacuum packaging machines with different structures are also different.

Mechanical extrusion vacuum packaging machine: It uses sponge-like items from both sides of the packaging bag to remove the air in the bag, and then uses heat to seal the bag mouth to complete the vacuum operation.

Now in business, the most mainstream food vacuum packaging machines are the Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine and Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine. If you are in small business, then I highly recommend you the Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine. If you have a long industry chain, a large business, and need efficient machines, then I highly recommend you the Thermoforming Vacuum Packaging Machine.

3.What Is the operation method of food vacuum packaging machine?

The operation method of household food vacuum packaging machine:
• Open the sealer.
• Place the package opening in the black sealing ring.
• Close the sealer.
• Turn on the switch.
• The green light is on to pump air, and the red light is on to seal.
• The air extraction effect is shown in the following figure, without any bubbles.

If you are a housewife, and often need to use a food vacuum packaging machine. Well, I highly recommend you this small style household food vacuum packaging machine. Simple and convenient to use.

The operation method of Commercial Food Vacuum Packaging Machine:
Each commercial food vacuum packaging machine is used differently, but these machines are fully automatic. And the operation method is very simple, as long as you follow the instructions of the machine to operate, you don’t have to worry about making mistakes. But just in case, when the staff is operating, please assign a supervisor to supervise on the side.

Next, we will take Double Chambers Vacuum Packaging Machine as an example to teach you how to operate this kind of machine.

Preparation before operation:
You need to check whether the oil level of the vacuum pump is correct, and check whether the vacuum pump oil is lacking.
When packaging products, you should pay special attention to the fact that when vacuuming salt-containing liquid products such as pickling liquid. The liquid will enter the vacuum pump oil and cause vacuum pump oil pollution. In this case, you need to replace the vacuum pump oil. Then you need to make a power connection and start preparing to operate the machine.

At first, you need to turn on the vacuum pump start switch, and the vacuum pump starts to run. Then you should turn on the heating switch to preheat. Then you have to confirm the vacuum and heat-sealing time, and choose the vacuum and heat-sealing time according to the packaged product. Because the time setting is according to the product size or the thickness of the bag to be adjusted.

Finally, you have to turn on the main switch of the machine, and the machine starts.

Operation of the Machine:
When you place the product, you need to place it according to the length of your own product. Because the belt runs continuously, you can continue to place the product.

The machine will work continuously, and you can turn off the start switch so that once the machine cycles, it will stop at the beginning, so when you click, you can move on to the next job.

Your machines will be equipped with emergency stop devices. If something goes wrong while the machine is running, you can push the emergency stop button so that your machine can stop working immediately and the studio will go up.

The operation method of the automatic food vacuum packaging machine is very simple, have you learned it? If you still do not understand, you are welcomed to consult us. In your life, have you observed which foods can be vacuum-packed and which foods cannot be vacuum-packed?

4.What Can be Packed by the Food Vacuum Packaging Machine?

Pickled Products: Sausage, ham, bacon, duck, etc.;
Pickled Vegetables: Mustard, dried radish, kohlrabi, kimchi, etc.;
Soy Products: Dried tofu, vegetarian chicken, bean paste, etc.;
Cooked Food Products: Roast chicken, roast duck, sauce beef, etc.;
Convenient Food: Rice, instant wet noodles, cooked vegetables, etc.;
Soft Canned Food: Bamboo shoots in water, fruits in sugar water, eight-treasure porridge, etc.

5.What Kind of Foods Are not Suitable for Vacuum Packaging?

Fresh plant seeds, corn kernels, whole grains, and so on are not suitable for storage in vacuum bags. Because the living seeds will carry out respiration, even if the air inside is exhausted, it will also carry out anaerobic respiration by itself.

If the seeds are vacuum packed, the bag will bulge. A lot of gas will bulge the bag, so the seeds need to be dried before being vacuum-packed.

Plant rhizomes, ginseng, radish, ginger, and so on are not suitable for storage in vacuum bags. For example, some pickled vegetables, there may be shredded ginger and minced ginger in the vegetables.

If the cells are still alive if they are not pickled, they will also undergo respiration and will swell.
Fresh vegetables and fruits. Here refers to green leafy vegetables. The leaves need to undergo photosynthesis, if there is no oxygen, it will accelerate its corruption, and the fruit needs to breathe, so it is recommended to use a fresh-keeping box at this time.

The vacuum degree should not be too high, and appropriate you need to leave some air for them.

Food vacuum bags should be selected from safe and healthy materials, such as three-sided sealing bags made of double-layer composite films or three-layer aluminum thin composite films.

Vegetables have a relatively short shelf life and should be eaten as soon as possible.

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