Recommendation for New Year’s resolution: lose weight? Nutritionist, Daniela Guillen

It’s still early enough to reach your personal goal of achieving a healthy weight. Dra Guillen works with you, to retrain your body *and* your brain. Turns out, that knowing when, how (much), what to eat, is key to actually achieving permanent results. Once our understanding of what certain foods did to our appetites and our eating habits, we could control our cravings and emotional response(s) as well.

Is it a challenge? Yes, certainly. But it’s well worth it, as we refined our intake, got our friends used to it, reducing weight became second nature. Now, over a year later, it’s a snap!

Address: Torre 2 Santa Ana (Avenida Manuel Calle) 4th floor

Contact information: 099 323 0799

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