Recommendation for Jesus, carpentry/manufacturing/furniture

Recommendation for carpenter, Jesus. I wish to share my experiences with a wonderful young man named Jesus of Paletforniture. He is uniquely skilled and would be an excellent choice for a variety of carpentry or manufacturing needs.

I’m extremely pleased with the final results of my projects. Jesus was able to create 7 beautiful furniture pieces some made with Teak wood and others a combination of metal and wood. Of note, he was able to produce the pieces with little more than a drawing/sketching from my – sometimes complicated – brain or from vision board style photos. Each piece is unique and full of character. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jesus twice and each time he was professional, pleasant, and enthusiastic about each project. Additionally, Jesus is quite thorough in ensuring the details are discussed and was always available for consultations. Great communication. I highly recommend and would definitely work with him again.

Address: Avenida de las Américas

Contact information: 096 273 9781

Recommended by Mary Woods: