Furnishings needed for Shuar Community House

The Shuar community of Kaapar, located 30 miles outside of Puyo, has recently completed the Casa de la Cultura, Curacion y Espiritualidad. However, they are now out of money and need to furnish the two-story traditional Amazonian building before they can accept tourists or persons for healing and plant medicines. The community is soliciting the following items:

Bedding: clean, no stains or tears, please.
Kitchen and cookware, all kinds, including small appliances. The kitchen will also be used for preparing traditional Amazonian medicines.

Furniture, including appliances, single or double mattresses and beds, chairs and tables, lamps are also needed, though cannot be accepted until arrangements can be made for transport.


Also, if anyone has a truck and would like to drive larger items to the community with me, he or she would be joyfully received by the community.

Email for more information and photos.

Thank you,

Mary Lois Sennewald: marymspirit@aol.com 099 824 6447. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca