Recommendation for Dr. Anthoy Guillen, medical doctor

I know that many know of the expertise and great attentive personal care that Dr. Anthony Guillen gives. However, I feel his most recent acts should not go unmentioned. Last Sunday, a good friend of mine needed medical care and Dr. Anthony went to see him – yes, on a Sunday! In addition, very early the next morning, it was Dr. Anthony who drove my friend to the hospital and had him admitted in his name. Because there was no information at the time for my friend, Dr. Anthony sent out an email to his expat patients to see if someone would come forward with information.

To the very end he made visits to the hospital to see my friend and to finally get information to contact his family in the States; even helping out with critical matters here, such as with my friend’s landlord. Dr. Anthony goes beyond and wants no special recognition. He only wants to give the utmost care to each and every one of his patients. This world needs more Dr. Anthony Guillens!

Address: Av. Remigio Crespo y Las Americas

Contact information: +593 07 288 7321 / 099 539 8105

Recommended by Luisa Nelson: