Samsung Galaxy dual chip cell phone – have 2 lines on one phone

Samsung Galaxy cell phone. Factory unlocked model you can use anywhere. Just put the chip in and you are good to go. You can use 2 cell phone chips at the same time, giving you 2 lines of service from whichever providers you choose. This is a professionally refurbished phone in mint condition. Looks and functions as new. It has a brand-new glass touchscreen and battery that gives up to 2 days of battery life depending upon your usage. It is an affordable mid-grade model that is good for regular everyday use, calls, texts, emails, photos, light video usage and regular apps of course. Model is Galaxy A1 with 16GB capacity in black with a 5.7″ display. Includes brand-new charger set.


Assistance is available with setup and transfer of info from your old device, if requested.


City: Cuenca
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