Farms, house construction, gardens, renewable and sustainable projects

We help you from the design and implementation to the start-up of your sustainable living project.

Solutions for you:

+ Search, evaluation and sale of properties
+ Construction – Bio and Modern (Adobe, Superadobe, Stone, COB, geodesic domes, container homes/offices, bamboo, wood, etc.)
+ Bio Pools
+ Permaculture design
+ Automated irrigation systems for gardens and crops
+ Water harvesting (natural water, rainwater, other sources) – Solar pumps, reservoirs, etc.
+ Solar, water and wind power. On-grid or off-grid systems
+ Land surveyors
+ Landscaping
+ Improve gardens (Grass, organic pest control, etc.)
+ Urban and Rural Farms
+ Organic compost and vermicompost (liquid and solid worm Humus)
+ Manufacturing of wooden planters and tables
+ other ecological solutions.

Ask about solutions for you. We can have a video or f2f meeting for free (Fee may apply according to the location of the project). Book your meeting or download our business catalog by following the next link:

Note: Also review our list of properties for sale as well.

You can contact to me by WhatsApp/Telegram/Signal or by email as well. Let me know how I can help you.

For a sustainable life and helping our planet.

… Developing projects throughout Ecuador.


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