Traditional Carnaval food

We invite you to share with us our Ecuadorian Carnaval gastronomy traditions.

This month of February is a festive season for our city and country. We will have Mote Pata, a delicious soup very typical of Carnaval and natural fruit sweets made from honey or healthy sugar.

-Mote Pata 1 liter at $9 with free delivery.

-Dulce de Durazno
-Dulce de higo
-Dulce de Leche con Coco
-Dulce de Babaco
-Mermelada de Durazno
-Mermelada de Mora

$5 with free home delivery.

It is Healthy Food prepared at home by Maria Sasaguay with natural ingredients.

Contact your child for the order at:

Andrés Reinoso:

City: Cuenca
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