Driver’s License Exchange (Canje de Licencia Extranjera)

This is the information I obtained at the ANT in Cuenca on Tuesday afternoon. I went to find out exactly what to do now that the individual who is considering this option has his Permanent Visa. FYI, I am fully bilingual and our driver’s licenses are USA issued.

I asked the guard who I needed to talk to to get information about the “canje”. He directed me to an office and told me to wait for the lady to come back.

The lady asked the following information to verify that the one we want to exchange is OK:
1- Country (in our case, she looked up the State)
2- Type/Class
3- Expiration date

Once she confirmed that the one we want to exchange is OK, she gave me a small printout with the requirements (in Spanish). Wish I could post a picture, but I cannot. If you would like it, email me for it.

She told me that before concerning ourselves with anything else, we need to obtain a Certified and Apostilled Driver’s License Record. Also warned me not to have it translated to Spanish in the USA if we cannot obtain it in Spanish. The translation has to be done by an approved translator here in EC. Once we have that in hand, she said to bring it by to be checked by her before we can proceed. No appointment required.

A word of warning: she advised us not to let the time between the issuing of the record/apostilled pass, but to get it to her ASAP after it being issued. Luckily, the driver is traveling next month and will get this done as close to his returning trip as possible. I told her we would be back in April with it.

Here is the list of requirements, just so you know:

1- Original ID: Cedula or Passport and Visa w/ more than 180 days.
2- Original blood type card issued by Red Cross.
3- Original DL from the country of origin.
4- Original Driving Record, apostilled.
5- If you have the CONADIS certificate, let them know prior to making a payment.
6- Original receipt of payment for $142 (Banco del Pacifico).
7- Driving Test
8- Original psychosensometric test, from an ANT authorized Driving School.
9- Email address
10- Migratory Movement Certificate (Will need to have your passport at hand to verify movements).

I hope this info helps those of you considering doing this option. Will post a part 2 to this once we finish the procedure in April.

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