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Cocktails, mocktails, or juices anyone?!
“The Essential Cocktail” features essential oil-infused drink recipes to give your healthy (or party!) side a whole new level of therapeutic fun.

Today’s recipe: Belini Citrus Twist

Why we love this cocktail

Did anybody say, “Sunday brunch?” Obviously… This twist on a traditional belini is the perfect complement to brioche French toast or a smoked gouda quiche.

Time to make
2 minutes

Serves 2


• 4 oz Peach Juice
• 8 oz Prosecco
• 1 drop Tangerine Essential Oil
• 1 drop Lemon Essential Oil


Pour peach juice and essential oils in bottom of champagne flute and mix well. Top the glass off with Prosecco.

Therapeutic benefits

Lemon Essential Oil brings an air of liquid sunlight.
The presence of high amounts of Limonene (56-76%) give Lemon its uplifting and mood boosting effects.
Tangerine Essential Oil adds a note of light-hearted playfulness to this drink.
It contains 80-90% Limonene, which acts as an anti-infectious. It also has .5-8% of the immunostimulant Myrcene, which means this cocktail is both delicious and has immune-boosting benefits!

Make a twist to your favorite drinks, wow your friends these holidays, and enjoy the healthy benefits of your oils in the process.

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