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Hello Everybody!

This is Bobby Kezer, and you are at the Son of Man: Urantia, project.

Welcome! And I hope you’re having a fantastic day out there.

So, Son of Man: Urantia is the short form of the life and teachings of Jesus found in Part 4 of the Urantia Book. In other words, I’m rewriting the original story into language accessible to more people. I’ve been posting chapters and highlights weekly on the Son of Man: Urantia podcast, and here on my substack page since last October. And people, this is turning out to be the most exhilarating experience of my life. Talk about being humbled. Anyway, I get goosebumps, like I’ve got right now, every time I see another example in the news of how timely and needed these lessons are in what seems to be a world becoming more confused with itself every day.

Let’s start with the title of the Podcast: Son of Man: Urantia.

Many people know the reference to the Son of Man as Jesus. It’s the same here, and more. According to the Urantia Book, Jesus was actually a Creator Son, Michael, who came forth from Paradise to create our universe, which is called Nebadon in the heavens. This Creator Son, Michael, came to Earth to experience life as a mortal of the worlds of time and space, and in doing so, complete the final task needed for him to assume rule of our universe in harmony with the Paradise Trinity.

Now, the Urantia Book, is a huge cosmology that was presented to humanity by the celestial entities in heaven back in the early part of the twentieth century. I’m not going to try and describe the Urantia revelation to you here, and you’ll understand why if you go to their website at There you’ll see the immensity of this document, and understand why no one can explain it in short form. But by looking at the table of contents, you’ll get a good idea of at least it’s general themes.

Anyways, while most people haven’t heard of the Urantia Book, they do know Star Trek.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying the Gene Roddenberry got his idea for Star Trek from the Urantia Book. Actually, my understanding is that Roddenberry didn’t begin reading the Urantia Book until the early 1980s, which was when I started reading it. So that was long after the original Star Trek aired in the early 1970s. But, with all of that said, if a TV show had been made about the Urantia Revelation it would have come out to be something like Star Trek.

The Urantia Book talks about multiple universes, many orders of celestial beings, and a progressive journey for some mortals whose first life after death is but the beginning of a long series of lives where we assume finer and finer spiritual bodies as we make our way to perfect oneness with God. And that’s when we become an eternal soul.

So back to the Son of Man part of the title.

Yes, Son of Man refers to the man born to Earth that we know of as Jesus. The last quarter of the Urantia Book, close to 800 pages of the 2097 pages contained in the revelation, is the story of Jesus’s time on Earth. And it’s unlike any accounting of this man’s life you’ve ever heard. It’ll surprise and shock most of you, and for many of you it’ll bring tears to your eyes and joy to your heart. At least it has for me, and sharing that experience is why I’m embracing this project. I’m learning the importance of these messages, and I believe they’re needed for us to redirect a world on the brink of destruction. Not only that, if it can humble a guy like me…well, you get the drift.

Heavy stuff. It’s also really cool.

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