Recommendation for FAAN-Ecuador, animal sanctuary and welfare

We’ve been volunteering with FAAN (Fundacion Amor Animal) for almost six months now. While we’re new to the organization’s eight years of rescuing and providing daily sanctuary for Cuenca’s Dogs, we are amazed at the heart, daily heroism and vision of all of the volunteers working to improve the lives of animals in our World Heritage City.

FAAN provides sanctuary for more than 140 dogs in their care and is now focused on purchasing the land for Ecuador’s most modern and sustainable shelter. Visit us and learn more about the project and the matching challenge grant through March 15th at

Our dogs at FAAN are asking for your vote in this year’s Best of Gringo Post Awards to thank all of the volunteers, particularly President, Jose Gomez who are driving up the mountain and taking care of them every day. No Holidays! They also want to thank the volunteers and donors shifting hearts and minds about animal welfare in Ecuador through prevention strategies, education and raising funds for the new, permanent shelter.

We invite you to vote for FAAN, join our “Match Challenge” and Volunteer with us! While our dogs may not win “Best in Show” your vote in “Best of Gringo Post” will be their own little Oscar.

Address: Tarqui Shelter in Cuenca

Contact information: info@faanecuador.og 096 920 9764

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