“Real Deal” BBQ at Pájaro y Bestia

Chicken is chicken is chicken you say. We say you are wrong. This week we are serving chicken wings. We fully cook the wings on one of our smokers. Then we flash fry them for only two minutes at the time you order to crisp up the skin for better texture.

And just like our hugely popular ribs, the wings are served with sauce on the side because we have nothing to hide. We believe that our ribs and wings do not need to be sauced, but we will always have sauces available if that is your preference.

We are selling drumettes and flats this week for only 67 cents each – and no, we will not try to slip a wing tip to you for the same price. (We make good use of those tips in our in-house chicken stock that is then used in our side dishes.) Or save $2 off of a wing and rib combo plate this week – 6 wing sections together with ½ pound of ribs.

Speaking of in-house sauces, we make almost all of our sauces from scratch. Sweet red BBQ sauce, mustard-based BBQ sauce, Alabama white sauce, the various sauces and gravies that we serve with our dishes are made in our kitchen. We even make our own mayonnaise. OK, OK, we do buy premade mustard and ketchup. But hey, if we keep adding kitchen staff, that may change one day.

Come see us this weekend for some Real Deal BBQ. Ribs are sold in quarter pound increments ($2.75) and 3 wing pieces for $2. You do not have to make a big investment just to discover that we are the Real Deal.

Don’t forget, this is the last weekend to vote in GringoPost “Best of Cuenca”. We have free Wi-Fi in the restaurant, and a staff member available talk you through the process.

See you this weekend. Sé la bestia!!

Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral


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