Recommendation for Sandra Avilés, Spanish and Italian teacher

I am reposting this recommendation as I have some additional important information.

I want to again highly recommend my Spanish teacher, Sandra Avilés, to other expats learning either Spanish or Italian – she teaches both languages. She can work in person or remotely by Zoom. She can come to your house.
Sandra is very bright, competent, detail-oriented, fun, and friendly. She has a bachelor´s degree in teaching Italian, which she earned in Italy and which I think is very relevant for her ability to teach Spanish clearly. Sandra is currently in a program at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja for teaching foreign languages in general. She speaks good English.

Sandra believes, as do I, in the importance of immediate corrections by the teacher; that is, I like that she interrupts my speech to correct my mistakes, rather than us just having a nice conversation.

Address: Email her at or call or WhatsApp her at 095 871 7468.

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