Prepare to feel energized

With a pour-over from CosasPrep, you can brew the perfect cup of coffee every time. Best of all – just rinse out the pour over and your cleaning is done! Pour-overs now on sale for only $9.99. Your choice of red or black.

Pour-overs, #2 brown coffee filters, and ground, organic dark roast coffee are all available at CosasPrep. In fact, when you buy them as a package, you get a package of 40 unbleached filters and you also get a mug and a coffee scoop for a combo price of only $20. Coffee is offered from Sweet and Light. ($6 per pound when sold separately.) Our coffee is vacuum sealed for longer-term storage than standard packaging.

Visit our easy-to-find store just 5 blocks West of Parque Calderon. Simón Bolívr 13-49 y Estévez de Toral.

P.S. Don’t forget…It’s Mega Yapa month. The more you buy, the better the Yapas – including a $10 gift certificate to Kolo when spending $50.

Kent Mills:

City: Cuenca

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