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Introducing Gypsy TV; Free for two weeks

A new service that cuts through thousands of TV shows and movies out there to
bring you just the very best. And, Gypsy TV will even add shows if something is
missing that subscribers want. What could be better?

FREE Hands-on Class. Save the date. Wednesday, February 8 at 4:30 pm
All attendees get two weeks of free programming.

If you’re like most expats, you may struggle a little with new technology—like
apps and streaming services. No problem. We invite you to a FREE class on how to install Gypsy TV. All you need to bring is your laptop (fully charged). Learn why Gypsy TV may be the only streaming service you’ll ever need. The class, led by Gypsy TV founder, Jason, will last half an hour with time for a Q&A

You will leave the class with Gypsy TV fully installed (even if you have tried before and were unsuccessful), instructions on how to download it onto your TV, and a tech person to call if you have questions when home. You can even (for $20) have a representative come to your home and install for you on your TV. We want to eliminate any and all the hassles of installing Gypsy TV, so you can begin enjoying this new service free for two weeks as soon as possible.

Save the Date: Wednesday, February 8 at 4:30 PM. Reserve today.
Location: Kolo restaurant. (Seating is limited.) Class is free.
How to sign up: just send an email to with the
following information. That’s all you have to do.

Number of Guests (including yourself):
Phone Number:
Email Address:

If you haven’t been to Frank’s new Kolo restaurant and bakery, it’s easy to find. Right in the center of El Centro on Luis Cordero (5-65) between Calle Larga and Juan Jaramillo (Hotel La Vieja, 2nd floor). Frank is providing free refreshments (including his famous cinnamon rolls) and will offer a cash bar.

P.S. All attendees can try Gypsy TV free for two weeks.

Wednesday, February 8 at 4:30 pm., free.

El Centro on Luis Cordero (5-65) between Calle Larga and Juan Jaramillo (Hotel La Vieja, 2nd floor).

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City: Cuenca

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