Sacred-Psych groups and workshops forming soon 

On-going meetings will be held every other Wednesday afternoon from 3-5 pm starting on Weds Feb 8. Right now this is still an open group receiving new members until we reach full capacity. In the future, there might be other groups forming with specific topics. 

The meeting on Feb 8 will open with a meditation led by Don Weyant, and then we will have a mini-workshop on numerology, and an introduction to Tarot. Afterward, there will be a social hour with refreshments served included in the fee of $15. for the two-hour meeting. 

Cameron Kayce, M.Ed., LMT, mostly known for being a deep tissue massage therapist, is also a licensed psycho-therapist and astrologer, is now forming new discussion groups and workshops in Sacred-Psych, which is a combination of the spiritual arts (i.e. astrology, numerology, tarot, meditation, the law of attraction, soulmate relationships, finding your life purpose/destiny, etc.) and Jungian Psycho-Therapy. 

If you are interested in any of these subjects, I would love to hear from you, and what specifically you would be most interested in. If there is enough interest, there could be multiple groups forming. 

Please reserve so I know how many people to accommodate. 
Complimentary refreshments will be served. 

Private sessions are also available. 

Mariscal Lamar 25-15 y Caspicara, across from Parque Del Molinero tram station. 


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