HydroGenie for molecular hydrogen therapy

This machine uses three methods to apply molecular hydrogen:

1 Drinking molecular hydrogen-enriched water
2 Inhalation of molecular hydrogen gas
3 Direct application of molecular hydrogen gas to pain location

In a normal healthy adult, the stomach produces 12 liters of hydrogen per day to drive electrical and cellular function. Many people have stomach dysbiosis, this process is often impaired with a result in loss of energy and vibrance. To repair stomach issues hydrogen water can be key in reestablishing a healthy gut ecology. Hydrogen could very well what you have been missing.

What is body rejuvenation? In essence, something that is able to offer body rejuvenation ameliorates the physical pain and stress we experience in our bodies. This pain and stress occur for a variety of reasons:

• The natural aging process
• Stress
• Exercise
• Disease and chronic conditions

You can’t change your actual age. However, you can feel younger, more energetic and healthier with the HydroGenie. The HydroGenie reduces pain and rejuvenates the body through the power of molecular hydrogen.
One of the reasons that molecular hydrogen is such a powerful tool when it comes to body rejuvenation is that this tiny molecule is also a selective antioxidant. Molecular hydrogen (H2) is small enough to enter cells, where the sources of pain, sickness, and stress live. More specifically, molecular hydrogen scavenges for free radicals, which cause oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is the cause of every known human disease.

This machine is loaded with over $250 in extras. Ideal for home use for rehabilitation or for clinical use. This device has only about 100 hrs. in use, ready for years of production.

$1995 includes generator and all accessories.


Michael: me479@yandex.com 099 800 1002

City: Cuenca


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