Beautiful husky mix

Matilda is the sweetest dog I have ever fostered. She has excellent house manners and is friendly with all people and other dogs. She rarely barks and stops when you ask her. She is spayed and vaccinated and is very healthy except for some vision limitations.

She loves to take walks and to get belly rubs and never pulls the leash. Her sight is good enough that she is fearless and doesn’t run into things but she stays close when walking and follows commands in English or Spanish.

She deserves a forever home but if you are in Ecuador short-term like me, you can foster her until some lucky family adopts her. I must leave in March and would love to take her with me but it’s not possible.

If you are interested in this sweet dog contact PAWS (rescue organization) contact Paola on WhatsApp 593 98 672 2197

Jill Rodriguez: .

City: Cuenca