TGIF with Pawsome News for the Dogs of Cuenca!

We waited till Friday to share this exciting news for animal welfare in Cuenca!

Our vision at FAAN (Fundacion Familiar Amor Animal) is a city where all animals including those of pet owners, community dogs and street dogs are respected and cared for by the collective community.

We are now working in a grassroots community effort to buy permanent land for the shelter because our temporary lease is expiring and we need to urgently move our dogs as soon as possible.

A generous and anonymous donor wants to inspire animal lovers in Ecuador and around the world to help us achieve this vision and focus both on a sustainable shelter for our most vulnerable dogs including senior and unadoptable dogs, side by side with community-based prevention and education strategies.

Our donor has provided a challenge grant in which your donation dollar for dollar will be matched through March 15, 2023!

Will you be a match for the dogs?

January 17-March 15, $10-$10,000,

Tarqui Shelter

Rosemary Rein: 239 910 3354

City: Cuenca

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