(Recalling a famous ad from the 90s).

Dinner for two, jazz and red wine included in a restaurant in Cuenca 50 bucks.

Massage with flowers and pedicure: 80 bucks.

Furnished apartment (furnished apartment) close to Supermaxi del Redondel 600 to 700 bucks- if you have a fur friend 100 more bucks.

Valuable things in life that money can’t buy:

True friends
What else?

Listen to native Spanish speakers and understand your first sentences: priceless.

There are some things money can not buy… for everything else…whoa, whoa, I am not a credit card promoter but a language teacher.

Fortunately, improving your Spanish flow in six weeks is something you can buy.

San Antonio Cuenca, Ec

La Vilma Vega
099 279 7360

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