BBQ Friday at Pájaro y Bestia

Menu for today:

* Pork Spareribs – Cooked from beginning to end on a wood fired smoker. Sauce on the side because we have nothing to hide. Real deal BBQ.
* Smoked, then braised beef ribs – rubbed with a coffee rub, smoked, then braised in a stout beer and umami braising liquid.
* Chicken wings and ribs combo plate – special priced to introduce chicken wings. 2 ribs and 6 wing sections on a combo plate.

* High on the Hog – traditional pulled pork complete with a dollop of coleslaw on top. Face it, a pulled pork sandwich is not complete without the slaw.
* Fried Onion Hamburger – Invented in El Reno, Oklahoma many, many years ago (confirmed origin by the NY Times). Deliberately different than our competition.

Side dishes:
* Mac & Cheese – 4 cheese blend. Makes my belly warm thinking about it. Get some!
* White potato salad – so good you will want to kiss the cook (but please don’t).
* Cowboy beans – breaking out the coffee pot and whiskey bottle again just to flavor the beans. This week because a business neighbor requested an encore…
* Coleslaw – Your momma would be so-o-o-o proud of you for eating fresh vegetables

* Goldi’s Cookies – unbelievably good
* Sticky rice – Glutinous (sticky) rice, with not one, but two coconut sauces, and fresh mango heaped on top.

Additional new tables and additional new employees this week. Expect a couple of unannounced surprises on the menu if these people are only half as good as I expect them to be.

This week, we will have a dedicated staff member available to help walk you through the voting process for the Best of Cuenca on GringoPost. As soon as you wrap your lips around our food, you will agree this is Real Deal BBQ. Let me repeat that – Real Deal BBQ.

Sé la bestia!!!

Friday – 1 to 8 PM or when we run out of food,

Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral

Leroy: 098 321 8273 WhatsApp to reserve food

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