Recommendation for Andres Astudillo, M.D., Surgeon

I had the privilege of “scrubbing” for a year with two surgeons during my brief stint in US Army. I’m pleased to compare surgical services at Clinica Latina, from surgeon Andres Astudillo, M.D., which met my every expectation of excellence. Andres’ English is perfect from his multiple US residency stints. Following a surgical hernia repair at VA hospital in US that did not “hold” (note, care I receive through VA is otherwise excellent), the follow-up “cut” at Clinica Latina has been 100% effective. I found all aspects of care excellent: delay as I adjusted to BP medicine, echo cardiogram in advance, EKG, blood, chest X-ray prep, HIGHLY organized operating theater, clear head after surgery, one night stay, pain management, post-op visit. OK, you could say that I’m more than pleased!

Address: Av. 3 de Noviembre 3-50 y Unidad Nacional, Cuenca

Contact information: 07-284 6666

Recommended by John Porterfield: