Learn Spanish by watching movies, reading books and listening to music

If you’re looking to improve your Spanish (especially listening comprehension, grammar and vocabulary) then you may want to download this free guide.

My team of native speakers and I at http://www.spanishtofluency.com have put together a list of Spanish movies, TV shows, books and music (sorted by level, genre, etc.) to help you find an authentic Spanish resource that is suitable for YOU.

I’ve also included a short video that suggests how you can use these resources at any level.

I know it can be daunting to try watching a movie or reading a book in Spanish at a beginner level.

But it can be done.

You can still learn a lot from it and actually enjoy it.

I loved using TV, movies, books & music to improve my Spanish as it taught me the real, everyday Spanish used in different parts of the world.

Download your free copy here: https://bit.ly/freespanishguide

Canoa, Ecuador



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