Have you in mind to open a CD?

Because many on GringoPost are looking for the best place to make their investments and take advantage of the benefits of making CDs in this country, I’d like to introduce Crea Credit Union to you.

Established in Cuenca in 1964, Crea has experience servicing the community. We have more than 33 branches around the country and now we have a strong initiative serving international community. Starting from a decidedly strong base, Crea has only grown stronger. It is the cooperative that offers CDs with not only high rates of return but unparalleled safety and security of principal. That’s a combination that is hard to beat.

These are some of the benefits and reasonable reasons why people want to work with us:

1. Great CD rates
2. We receive International Wire Transfers within 1 to 3 days
3. We cover your investments with the COSEDE insurance by $32,000
4. Dematerialized CDs for to get an Ecuadorian VISA
5. You can open your account with cedula or passport
6. We can open your CD only with your Passport
7. The option to manage not only individual, joint accounts too.
8. The capability to designate a Beneficiary on your CDs
9. Make changes on Your CDs without coming to the office
10. Excellent Online Banking
11. International Visa Debit and Credit Card

If you want to be part of this successful club of investors and put your money to work, just let me know and I’ll get in touch with you and I’ll make the whole process easier for you.


Juan Lara
098 459 6148

Downtown main office: Presidente Borrero 8-22 y Sucre, Cuenca

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