Cycling and trekking through the jungle (Tuesday 19 – Friday 20)

Our day begin in Cuenca at San Sebastian Park at 8 AM, then we will be heading to the Amazon (2h30min).Very close to Cuenca, just two hours away, it is located a peaceful Amazonian town called Limon Indanza. You’ll head into town for a look around and a chance to grab any extra snacks and bits of equipment before starting the cycling.

We will take our bikes; once you and your bike are a match, you will head out for a test ride and follow the stony tracks for around 12km or 20km depend of you experience and what you prefer.

You will pass remote settlements, villages, and cabins. You will stop in a scenic spot for photography. Then, you will arrive in Chiviaza for a refreshing bath in the river, where you’ll have time to swim, celebrate with a beer with your teammates and have lunch in Limon.

We are going to have a lunch in Limon, at night we will visit a nice restaurant and stay in a confortable lodge.

Next day adventures are packed full of trekking and river time in the Amazon Rainforest. Once we arrive to Catazho (arqueological and natural park) we will disconnect from the world to discover a great variety of mysterious recordings on large rocks called “petroglyphs”; that comes from the Greek “petra” which means “stone” and “glyphos”, “engraving”. Most of these figures look like humans, animals, and geometric forms. This visit will take us to an unknown world of primitive cultures of more than 5,000 years B.C Catazho

We will end this trekking in Campo Alegre, a perfect place to pause and admire the striking tropical rainforest scenery and get your first dip in a wonderful river.

Our adventure ends today as you enjoy a final barbecue in the natural surroundings of this place, you`ll be return to Cuenca in the afternoon.

Price – $180.

Includes: transportation, guide, lunch, breakfast, mountain bike, helmet, accommodation

What to bring: spare clothes, bathing suit, cycling clothing

More information – Instagram and Facebook @wildecuador

Limon Indanza – Morona Santiago

Juan Antonio Reyes

098 458 9238

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