Knee replacement surgery experience/recommendation

Good morning GP community,

A family member (male in his 70s) needs to have knee replacement surgery.

I searched here, but did not find the specific info we are looking for.

We are wondering if those of you who have (preferably recently) undergone such treatment here in Ecuador could share with us your experience, good or bad; specially the things to be aware of. Would greatly appreciate information on procedures, recovery, costs, etc.

Since I know that sharing negative info publicly is an issue, please email me with anything you do not feel comfortable sharing here: pthjm1ck46xp@opayq [dot] com
We will not share anything we received in private. This is for us to do our best in determining the best course of action and, specially, the pitfalls to avoid.

Any input would be greatly appreciated. And may you all have a great 2023!

Miss K

City: Cuenca
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