Recommendation for Emilio Morocho, driver/facilitator/Emilio of All Trades

Greetings — we reserved our pickup from Guayaquil from Emilio Morocho (Cuenca Car Share) and he greeted us with a welcome sign, a smile, and a hug — a friendship was born. Emilio is one-of-a-kind, a true “Emilio of all trades.” He has been so helpful in our first couple of weeks here in Cuenca.

On our journey over the Cajas, he told us about the different types of vegetation we saw, he explained the cultural significance of many different sights on the drive, and he even stopped to show us and try many different varieties of fruits at a small stand on the side of the road before our journey over the pass. He made us feel immediately welcome in Ecuador.

In addition to the drive, Emilio also helped us get necessary copies of documents required for temporary residency in Ecuador, as well as helping get those items shipped to our visa agent in Quito. Without his assistance, these tasks would have been daunting, as our Spanish is currently at a restaurant level at best.

Do not hesitate to reach out to Emilio for any kind of assistance. He is a true diamond in the rough in this gem of a city in Ecuador.

Address: Cuenca EC

Contact information: +593 98 699 5694

Recommended by David Decker: