Real deal BBQ at Pájaro y Bestia

Another record breaking weekend at Pájaro y Bestia. Thank you Cuenca for your support.

We wish to take a moment to explain our cooking process on our now famous pork ribs. Our pork ribs are cooked from beginning to end in a carbon fired smoker. The process takes approximately 5 hours – 1 hour to prep and 4 hours to cook. We do not boil our ribs, we do not sous vide the ribs, we do not cook them in a conventional oven, and we do not put our ribs on a smoker for a brief amount of time and then finish them in another piece of equipment. We are real deal BBQ. If we cook meat in anything other than our three smokers, we tell you. Even when we braise beef, we generally put the braising pot into a smoker to trap additional flavor.

We price our ribs by the pound, but we sell them in quarter pound increments. One quarter pound of ribs will be two small or one large rib bone. So, for only $2.75, you can come try one rib and discover that we are in fact the real deal. But to borrow someone else’s ad campaign, I bet you can’t eat just one.

Please come by this week and try one rib. After tasting it, then you can vote in the “Best of GringoPost” and honestly say that this is the Best BBQ in the city.

Sé la bestia!!!

Gran Colombia 13-100 y Estévez de Toral


098 321 8273 WhatsApp to reserve food

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