Dog walking service

Dog walking service.
Dear Cuenca expats community, we offer the following services:

1.We pick up your doggy from your home and return him/her healthy, safe and happy.
2. Real time location during the walk.
3. We send you photos and videos of your doggies during and after the dog walk.
4. We bring water and bags for your pets so they can keep hydrated and clean.
5. Photo of the Ruc of the dog walker for your confidence.
6. Treats for your dog.

We are trustworthy and responsible people.
We have different schedules for your convenience:
2 – 3 PM
3 – 4 PM
4 – 5 PM

Rates per hour:
Small dogs $10
Medium dogs $15
Large dogs $20

“We love and care for your dogs as much as you do.”

593 098 734 6871
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