Thank you for the donations for our playroom for Grace 

Thank you for the generous cash donations and the toys and table. We only need $400 more in donations to purchase the equipment or a donation of any of the following items. Thank you! 

GRACE (Give Refugees A Chance), recently recognized as one of the best NGO’s to help the most vulnerable people by UNESCO and other groups in Cuenca, is seeking donations to help them better work with the children of refugees and migrants. The staff in addition to other medical personnel now include a speech therapist and a counselor. In order to better be able to support the needs of these children, who have often experienced significant trauma, we want to set up a playroom. The room will be used to help children have a better outcome with both speech therapy, counseling and other care provided by GRACE. Children will also have a comfortable place to wait when other siblings or parents are receiving treatment from our health care providers. 

We are in need of the following items in either new or good condition: 

1. Small chairs. 
2. A mirror 
3. Plastic boxes or shelves to place toys. 
4. Model of mouth/tongue 
5. White board 
6. Small latex gloves. 
7. Spanish children’s books. 
8. Children’s games. 
9. Crayons/Markers. 
10. Wall decorations. 
11. Printer 
12. Letters/numbers (can be magnetized or plastic) 
13. Wooden or plastic cubes. 
14. Puzzles 
15. Play Doh. 
16. Plastic/rubber floor mats 

Of course if you don’t have any of the above or do not want to shop, we will accept donations at:

Donations may be delivered to Guillermo Medina 25-01, Cuenca 
You may also call/WhatsApp at: +593 95 920 4786 or email:

Thank you in advance for whatever donations you are able to give. 

Karla Sanchez, Director 
Steve Chasson, President of the 501c3 GRACE organization