Actor auditions – no experience needed – Friday, Jan 20th

A local media company needs a few actors for shooting a commercial. Must be an English Speaker. No one needs to win an Oscar, just be yourself and each part has very few lines so a nice way for a novice to dip their toe in and get some free coffee and dessert while trying out.

We have the following roles –

60s-80s Man
Has a few lines regarding how when he was younger he parachuted.

60s-80s woman –
Has to be able to spin around half way at the end of saying how she was a dancer in her youth.

50-ish woman –
One line to thank her pretend dad as he passes her a box

50-ish man –
must have real depth of character readable in the face, the entire scene is the man holding Cue cards that tell the story, along with the face.

Woman 20s to 30s – with small child.
Has several lines about her child’s first day of school while holding a selfie stick.

Man 20s to 30s-
spoken words, carries a small box.


Just has to crawl on or stand up next to a small box.

Auditions are on Remigio Crespo. Free Gourmet coffee and desserts for all that attend.
Reserve your 15-minute slot via WhatsApp: +593 96 990 1830

Auditions are recorded for client approval, but will not be used commercially.
Payment depends on the role you are offered, if chosen.


Marie: 096 990 1830. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca

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