Double D’s menu for the week of January 16

Our beef lasagna is back! Seasoned ground beef is layered with our own ricotta blend and noodles so thin keeping this dish lighter than your typical lasagna but still satisfying. We’re adding our flair to the historic Waldorf salad–all of the refreshing goodness of apples, celery, and grapes is paired crunchy walnuts and chewy cranberries then tossed in a velvety, creamy dressing to celebrate the contrasting flavors and textures. With cherries in season, we’re taking full advantage of them for the dessert. Our vanilla cheesecake is baked atop a chocolate cookie crust then finished with a fresh cherry compote.

Beef Lasagna: $25 (6-8 servings); $19 (4-5 servings)
Waldorf Salad: $8/lb. (2-3 servings)
Black Forest Cheesecake Square: $3.50 each

Orders are due by 3 PM on Tuesday, January 17. When ordering please include the following information.

Preference of pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery
Preferred pick-up or delivery day (Thursday or Friday)
Delivery address, if applicable
Phone number

Pick-up or $2 (estimated) delivery is available Thursday or Friday, January 19 or 20 between 10 AM and 2 PM. Once all of the orders are received, we’ll be able to confirm a more specific time frame. Delivery is free for orders of at least $25.

Thanks to those of you who have ordered since we started our casseroles, soups, and salads in March, 2020. We’re the same people with the same name making the same excellent food since August, 2017. Continue taking good care of yourselves. Here’s to a fabulous 2023!

Deb and Dawn

Order by 3 PM on Tuesdays; Pick-up or Delivery on Thursdays or Fridays,

Agustín Cueva 3-56 y Honorato Loyola, #201 (no storefront, pick-up location only; 1.5 blocks south of Clínica Santa Inés)

Double Ds Delights: 096 802 2545 (Spanish, English; WhatsApp)