How to skyrocket your Spanish in 12 weeks, like Cathy did

“That’s just the way it is”, she was told.

“Immersion is the best way to learn the language”, she was told.

And she gave it a shot (immersion)…

But after living in Ecuador for a few years and still feeling lost and excluded because she couldn’t follow or participate in the conversations around her, Cathy Cunningham realized it was time to try something different.

Not to say that she hadn’t already sought help though. She did.

She had tried two different bilingual teachers but kept getting the “That’s just the way it is” answer to her questions.

But that didn’t cut it for her.

She, like me (and many others!) – needs to know the reason why things are done/said in a certain way, in order to truly understand.

Without the answers, she was stuck.

I was pleased to have the opportunity to help bring some clarity…

And I was delighted to then see her go and apply this knowledge in her weekly conversation practice with our team of native speakers!

Cathy is proud to say she can now participate in the conversations with her Ecuadorian friends and neighbors.

She is happy to say goodbye to sitting on the sidelines feeling completely lost, while her husband speaks with them.

She’s confident to know she can take care of business on her own.

She also passed the driving test (no English option available) and got her license!

Regardless of what you’ve already gone through…

Regardless of what you’ve already tried…

You can learn Spanish and develop the ability to have everyday conversations with ease and confidence.

Cathy is living proof of this (and we are so proud of her hard work and success!)

Like anything that’s worth something in life, it takes consistent effort and dedication.

This is not a “get fluent quick scheme”.

This is what you could refer to as “assisted immersion” (actually, that’s exactly what she calls it).

You get the consistent conversation practice that you would if immersed in the language (or in Cathy’s case, she already was immersed but without help & support, it just wasn’t enough).

You also get your own personal Spanish coach to support you, answer any questions you have and help you discover the best way (& resources) to learn to think in Spanish – according to your own unique learning style.

¡Y mucho más! (and more!)

Check out Cathy’s video testimonial to learn more about how our boot camp program helped her go from feeling left out and self-conscious, to being able to regain her independence and confidence!:

We only accept a limited number of people at a time, to ensure we can do everything in our power to help you achieve a more fluid, confident and natural level of conversational Spanish.

This is a results-oriented 12-week online boot camp program.

Not for those who aren’t willing to put in the effort.

And not for you if you’re not committed to putting in more than a couple of hours a week (although you won’t need more than 6 hours a week to get great results).

But if you are serious about learning the language…

If you’re ready to put the pedal to the metal and do what it takes to be able to easily participate in everyday conversations, then don’t miss this unique opportunity!

We currently have spots available (levels zero to intermediate) for both the individual program and our group (2-4 ppl) program.

My team (of native speakers) and I will be meeting with you every week through conversation-based lessons, conversation practice sessions and personalized coaching.

In addition to significantly improving your conversation abilities within the 12 weeks, you will also learn how to continue moving forward on your own, once the program is finished.

We teach you the fluency techniques that will continue to transform your Spanish and how to use the information obtained from the latest Neuroscience discoveries to accelerate the learning process and prevent anxiety.

Book your free strategy session today and try it out for yourself, for free!:

** Price varies according to the time commitment you choose, if you select 1 on 1 or small groups.

Please book a free consultation so I can assess your level and provide you with more specific details:

Canoa, Ecuador


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